Cask No. R11.13

Dunder heid!


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  • Spirit:
  • Age:
    7 Years
  • Region:
  • Cask:
    Second-fill barrel



Cask No. R11.13

Dunder heid!


Pow! Flambeed banana wrapped in fermented Elastoplast and left to fester in an old dunder pit. Funky lemons, natural tar, herbal mouthwash, seawater, petrol and a wee ocean of dirty martinis. With water we found preserved lemons in brine, frothing barnacles, wet kelp, rubber diving suits full of pickled herring and smashed up bags of pickled onion Monster Munch. The palate initially brimmed with creosote, kerosene, black pepper and fermented fish. Then peppered mackerel, bandages, gloopy medical embrocations, oyster sauce and anchovy paste. With reduction we got a more vivacious exotic fruit vibe with mango, charred pineapple and passion fruit sours. Goat cheese dunked in lemon juice and kippers bashed on sourdough.

Age: 7 Years
Date Distilled: June 2013
Cask Type: Second-fill barrel
Region: Jamaica
ABV: 67.0%
USA Allocation: 120 bottles

About Cask R11.13 Dunder Heid!:

This single cask rum marries the Spanish ‘Ron’ style with British style in seamless fashion – Spanish styled rums are typically column-distilled, offering lighter color and flavour, whilst British styled rums are traditionally pot-distilled, yielding darker color and richer flavour. Here, the rum is 100% pot-distilled yet retains silky bright fruit character (Spanish style) and simultaneously delivering dark ripeness and ester funk (British style) in the glass! You're in for a rare equatorial treat with this bold spirit!