Rum Runners


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  • Age:
    16 Years, 18 years, 13 years, 7 years
  • Region:
    Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Jamacia
  • Cask:
    Refill Barrel


Enjoy a complete range of our exceptional Caribbean rums in the Rum Runners bundle. Each cask brings different attributes to the tasting table, all equally important to this journey into a new sensory adventure. Share with fellow spirit lovers and challenge them to discover the truly sophisticated side of rum, enhanced by the single cask experience.


RumCask No. R7.1 - Welcome to Jamrock
Age: 16 Years
Date Distilled: September 2000
Cask Type: Refill barrel
Region: Jamaica
ABV: 54.0%

Rum Cask No. R8.2 - The Hunt Master
Age: 18 Years
Date Distilled: December 1998
Cask Type: Refill barrel
Region: Nicaragua
ABV: 57.5%

RumCask No. R9.1 - Music for rockers of rum
Age: 13 Years
Date Distilled: February 2004
Cask Type: Refill barrel
Region: Panama 
ABV: 61.8% 

Cask No. R11.1 - Spicy sweet goodness
Age: 7 Years
Date Distilled: May 2010
Cask Type: Refill barrel
Region: Jamaica
ABV: 57.5%