Cask No. B5.8

Pungent and noisy


66 Left

  • Spirit:
  • Age:
    6 years
  • Region:
    Tennessee, USA
  • Cask:
    New American oak charred barrel
  • ABV:
  • VOL:


About Pungent and noisy: This Friday is National Bourbon Day so enjoy it with this bold and beautiful Tennessee bourbon! This whiskey is even more unique among its Tennessee brethren since it did not undergo the Lincoln County Process before filling. Most whiskey producers from Tennessee filter their newmake spirit with charcoal before filling barrels, so the order of magnitude of flavour this cask has to offer is on another level entirely! 

Tasting Panel Note: We imagined walking among grapes which were being sun-dried on straw mats, a process known as "soleo" in Spain. On the palate, it was initially dry and spicy with sweetness in the background, like a fiery Jamaican dark 'n' stormy cocktail using navy-strength rum and strong ginger beer – invigorating! Following reduction we lit a bonfire on the beach, watching flying sparks and hearing the pop and crackle of the burning wood. To taste, salted caramel, stewed raisins, cherry pie and vanilla custard with a long finish of PX sherry over luxury spiced Belgian chocolate ice cream – simply divine.

USA allocation: 90 bottles