Cask No. RW1.3

Rye Heaven


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  • Spirit:
  • Age:
    4 years
  • Region:
    Illinois, USA
  • Cask:
    New American oak charred quarter cask



Cask No. RW1.3

Rye Heaven

Illinois, USA

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This is a sample coming from a town which was originally called “Heavenston”, well - this was ‘rye heaven’. Dried cherries and raspberries, sweet and sappy maple syrup, macadamia nuts drizzled with honey, bold yet balanced – imposing! On the palate, an amazing sweetness with a pink peppercorn prickle and a chewy oak flavour – our taste buds were quite simply overstimulated! With water we imagined entering through the swing doors of a saloon back in the days of Wyatt Earp, a piano player in the corner called Luke, as we all felt incredibly lucky to be drinking this exceptional tipple. By the finish we all felt we could shoot faster than our own shadows.

Cask: New American oak charred quarter cask
Age: 4 years
Date distilled: August 2016
Alcohol: 62.6%
USA allocation: 105 bottles