Cask No. R11.12

Dunder the sea


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  • Spirit:
  • Age:
    7 Years
  • Region:
  • Cask:
    Second-fill barrel



Cask No. R11.12

Dunder the sea


The Panel found themselves squarely in Jamaica with pure a vivid notes of bicycle inner tube slathered in rapeseed oil and seawater. Salted rubber, pure Dutch liquorice, pickled green olives and dunder funk. Water revealed a sharp kiss of lemon icing sugar, then sardines and kelp roasting over coals. Driftwood covered in barnacles and splashed with kerosene and fresh sashimi with wasabi. The mouth was initially tarry and citric with a scoosh of pure WD40, carbolic acidity, fermented bean curds and black olive tapenade. Reduction brought out pure bandages and antiseptic, natural tar extract, herbal ointments and things like diesel fumes and fermenting exotic fruits.

Age: 7 Years
Date Distilled: June 2013
Cask Type: Second-fill barrel
Region: Jamaica
ABV: 66.9%
USA Allocation: 108 bottles


About Cask R11.12 Dunder the sea:

This single cask rum marries the Spanish ‘Ron’ style with British style in seamless fashion – Spanish styled rums are typically column-distilled, offering lighter color and flavour, whilst British styled rums are traditionally pot-distilled, yielding darker color and richer flavour. Here, the rum is 100% pot-distilled yet retains silky bright fruit character (Spanish style) and simultaneously delivering dark ripeness and ester funk (British style) in the glass! You're in for a rare equatorial treat with this bold spirit!