Cask No. G15.11  

Worlds collide

Highland, Southern

Some distinctly 'kitcheny' aromas were recorded initially by the panel. Including floor cleaner, bakelite, fresh jay cloths and lime air freshener. A fun and unusual profile that evolved to include jasmine flower, break fluid and citrus juices. Reduction brought out the rum influence more clearly with sappy pine needles, eucalyptus resins, ginger in syrup and pear cordial. The mouth was superbly gloopy and jellied in texture. Some very direct flavours of American jelly beans, fruit salad chews, rainbow sherbet and coconut milk. Water brought white stone fruits, lightly bitter herbal touches, greengages, yellow fruit jams, papaya and bramble leaf. Matured for 11 years in a refill bourbon barrel before transfer to an ex-Trinidad rum barrel. 

Cask: Refill Trinidadian rum barrel 
Age: 13 years
Date distilled: January 2008
Alcohol: 58.1%
USA allocation: 96 bottles

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