Cask No. 28.55  

Let the sunshine in

Highland, Southern

Light and easy – ‘like lifting the blinds on a summer’s day’. Our noses detected sun-lit straw, flowers round a swimming pool, blackcurrants, lemon, vanilla, honey and beeswax. The palate was punchy and sparkly (pepper, citrus, Moffat toffees, ginger), but that was underpinned by deliciously sweet sticky toffee pudding, caramel apple granny cake and Jaffa cakes. The reduced nose encountered chocolate-coated fudge, honeyed porridge, walnut muffins and lemon cupcakes; also pinecones wrapped in hessian. On the palate, the citrus soared sublimely – lemon sorbet, candied orange or lemon slices and lemon cheesecake, while the finish found polished wood, chilli chocolate and cocoa powder.

Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 8 years
Date distilled: May 2012
Alcohol: 61.2%
USA allocation: 102 bottles

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