Whiskey! Whisky! invites curious palates to compare and contrast two individual spirits side by side. Different countries of origin, mash bills (grain recipes) and maturations will provide a delicious juxtaposition for these two drams. Celebrate the uniqueness each brings to the table while marveling in their shared sophistication. Cask No. B3.9 Shooting pool at a BBQ and Cask No. 91.29 Tales of the expected will make a dashing duo in your next comparative tasting!

Cask No. B3.9 - Shooting pool at a BBQ
Date distilled: July 2015
Cask: New American oak charred barrel
Age: 5 years
Alcohol: 59.7%
Region: Arkansas, USA

Deep, rich & dried fruits Cask No. 91.29 - Tales of the expected
Date distilled: April 2009
Cask: Second-fill barrel
Age: 11 years
Alcohol: 55.9%
Region: Speyside Spey

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