The Society Experience


Sold Out

  • Flavour Profile:
    Juicy Oak & Vanilla, Spicy & Dry, Sweet Fruity & Mellow
  • Age:
    9 years, 8 years, 11 years
  • Region:
    Highland, Speyside, Campbeltown
  • Cask:
    Refill hogshead, Second-fill barrel, First-fill barrel


The Society Experience features three casks from three different regions with different flavour profiles and barrel protocols. This is what the Society is all about - unique flavours from unique casks that allow members to learn through tasting. Grab some friends and dive in - discover the nuances between these remarkable expressions! Enjoy a 9-year-old refill hogshead from the Highlands (Cask 68.27 Bittersweet vibrancy), an 8-year-old second-fill barrel from the Speyside (Cask 95.26 You are feeling very sleepy...), and an 11-year-old first fill barrel from Campbeltown (Cask 93.118 Aladdin's Cave).


Cask No. 68.27 - Bittersweet vibrancy
Date distilled: February 2009
Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 9 years
Alcohol: 59.1%
Region: Highland Southern

Cask No. 95.26 - You are feeling very sleepy...
Date distilled: September 2010
Cask: Second-fill barrel
Age: 8 years
Alcohol: 66.1%
Region: Speyside Lossie

Cask No. 93.118 - Aladdin’s cave
Date distilled: June 2007
Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 11 years
Alcohol: 57.6%
Region: Campbeltown