Liquid Americana


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Spicy & Sweet
  • Age:
    3 years, 6 years, 5 years
  • Region:
    Texas USA, Indiana USA
  • Cask:
    New oak barrique char #3, New American oak #4 charred barrels and #2 charred heads
  • ABV:
    62.8%, 55.8%, 55.3%
  • VOL:
    700mL, 700mL, 700mL


Liquid Americana is here! We have curated selections from the middle of the country for a tremendous trio of designations – American single malt, bourbon and rye. These casks will impress palates with bold and beautiful expressions from Texas and Indiana! While single malt scotch is at the heart of the Society’s expertise, we are always on the lookout for exceptional casks beyond Scotland to take our whisky knowledge and enjoyment to the next level!

Our single malt hails from one of the original American single malt distilleries, that continues to shape this flavour landscape with experimentation and innovation. In fact, they were just awarded Craft Distiller of the Year from Icons of Whisky 2024! Their head distiller not only helms all aspects of production but has been a Society member for years! The team’s world whisky collection features dozens of bottles from the Society as well as bottlings from across the globe. When asked why they have so many expressions from outside the distillery walls, their HD replies, “If you’re going to make the best whisky in the world, you have to know what the best whiskies taste like.” It is this open-mindedness and forward-thinking that helps Distillery 140 maintain a level of excellence in their core expressions while pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in their experimental line. Cask 140.17 Bowled over by something beautiful was aged 3 years in a new oak barrique from Independent Stave Company. This cask was air seasoned for 3 years before receiving a #3 charring. Set up for maximum flavour from this specially commissioned cask and comprised of 100% Golden Promise malt, dusty and spicy tannins frame salted caramel, tropical and orchard fruits for a full throttle dram. The Texas temperature swings during maturation allowed this malt to evolve much more rapidly and with great finesse, yielding a high-octane dram that drinks well beyond its years! Our Bourbon and Rye single casks were crafted in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, home to distillery B7/RW5, where it has been custom distilling for brands that many American whiskey drinkers know and love. Cask No. B7.2 Which way next? comes through like a loaf of deliciously boozy banana bread. It is considered a high-rye bourbon, since 21% of the recipe is rye grain with a base of 75% corn and just a hint of malted barley for structure (4%). After six years in a new American oak #4 charred barrel with #2 charred heads, waves of dark chocolate, honey, rum raisin and that boozy banana bread will have you coming back for another dram! Cask No. RW5.2 Tantalising to a T enjoyed the same barrel protocol of our bourbon, but the recipes couldn’t be more different. 95% rye and 5% barley yield a vibrant profile of cabinet spices and fruity and floral aromas leading us to sweeter maple and root beer notes on the palate. Looking for an under-the-radar rye to impress your friends with? Look no further!

The three casks offered here couldn’t be more different, thus providing a 360-degree view of American whiskey. They will make for an exhilarating tasting among friends who appreciate truly unique spirits. Cheers!

If ordered separately: Cask No. 140.17= $120; Cask No. B7.2= $80; Cask No. RW5.2= $75.


Cask No. 140.17 - Bowled over by something beautiful
Date distilled: May 2019
Cask: New oak barrique, char #3
Age: 3 years
Alcohol: 62.8%
Region: Texas, USA
700mL bottle format

BourbonCask No. B7.2 - Which way next?
Date distilled: June 2015
Cask: New American oak #4 charred barrel, #2 charred heads
Age: 6 years
Alcohol: 55.8%
Region: Indiana, USA
700mL bottle format

Cask No. RW5.2 - Tantalising to a T
Date distilled: June 2016
Cask: New American oak #4 charred barrel, #2 charred heads
Age: 5 years
Alcohol: 55.3%
Region: Indiana, USA
700mL bottle format