Pure Decadence


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  • Age:
    26 years, 12 years
  • Region:
    Speyside: Lossie, Lossie
  • Cask:
    Refill hogshead, First-fill barrel


These two decadent casks will bring much pleasure to your next dessert course! Cask 39.139 A most luscious remedy offers depth and intensity that will hold up to the richest of pairings. Seeing 20 years in sherry oak has this powerful expression singing a rock opera in the mouth. It’s all in the name with Cask 73.81 Dark chocolate destiny. Hedonistic chocolate notes are accompanied by red berry, citrus and honey in this complex dram that will amplify the taste experience with a wide variety of dessert options. Decadent Dessert Course is a must-have for your whisky-loving guests this season!

Spicy & sweetCask No. 39.139 - A most luscious remedy
Date distilled: July 1996
Cask: First-fill Pedro Ximenez butt
Age: 20 years
Alcohol: 58.2%
Region: Speyside Lossie

Spicy & dry Cask No. 73.81 - Dark chocolate destiny
Date distilled: September 2002
Cask: Refill butt
Age: 14 years
Alcohol: 59.8%
Region: Speyside Deveron