Cask No. R14.1

Treasure below decks


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  • Spirit:
  • Age:
    29 Years
  • Region:
  • Cask:
    First-fill barrel



Cask No. R14.1

Treasure below decks


Single cask rum from a closed distillery!

A voice from high up the mast yelled "fruit ahoy!" as mangos, pineapples and bananas bobbed past the bow and coconuts collided with the hull. Eye patches at the ready we fished out green papayas and stowed them below with casks of rich honey, sticky syrup and angelica root. The air carried an earthy funk with hazelnuts, pecans and bags of herbs and spices, while fragrant pipe tobacco mixed with mint tea and wood glue. With a dash of water, the mango and guava fruit ripened in the heat and combined with star anise, marzipan and coconut milk chocolate. Heavier flavours of prune syrup, liquorice and burnt toast weighed the ship down as we sailed into a pink peppercorn and Pina Colada sunset.

Age: 29 Years
Date Distilled: December 1991
Cask Type: First-fill barrel
Region: Guyana
ABV: 58.6%
USA Allocation: 48 bottles

About Cask R14.1 Treasure below decks:

After trying for many years, the Society was finally able to acquire a first cask from Distillery R14 which closed permanently over 20 years ago, heightening the rarity of this already impossibly rare cask. Unique distillation in double wooden pot stills (over 250 years old!) created a truly exotic elixir to be sipped and savoured with a decadent dessert or fine cigar (or both!).