Cask No. R11.2

Absolutely fabulous!


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  • Spirit:
  • Age:
    7 Years
  • Region:
  • Cask:
    Refill barrel



Cask No. R11.2

Absolutely fabulous!


The nose neat offered plenty of sweetness; passion fruit soufflé in a brandy snap basket, mixed berries sorbet with vanilla shortbread cookies and rum crème caramel. However there were also slightly oily, maybe pickled olives or even petrol, aromas lurking in the background – but absolutely “no problem man!” On the palate plenty of spice; ginger pasta with curried sweet potatoes or wasabi-crusted chicken breasts dipped in a teriyaki sauce while in the finish a lingering salted dark chocolate and orange mousse. With water definitely a little petrol garage forecourt or a gas fired barbeque but the spice was now balanced with plenty of the sweet goodness we got on the nose neat – absolutely fabulous!

Age: 7 Years
Date Distilled: May 2010
Cask Type: Refill barrel
Region: Jamaica
ABV: 57.5%

USA Allocation: 60 bottles