Cask No. 96.32  

Sunshiny shimmer of satisfaction

Highland, Eastern

The power of imagination – one panellist was juggling pineapples and coconuts on a shifting drift of grist – another lounged on a summer hillside, smelling bracken, gorse rose and sun-cream, a cinnamon raisin bun in one hand and some old bourbon in the other.  The palate was mouth-wateringly, lip-smackingly delish – brown sugar, chocolate oranges, Belgian waffles and coffee – all bathed in a sunshiny shimmer of satisfaction. The reduced nose discovered honey-coated nuts, elderflower, orange cupcakes, rhubarb and creamy vanilla. The palate’s yummy scrummy sapidity conveyed juicy, fruity, floral flavours, chamomile tea and lime flowers, milk bottle sweets and barley sugars – ‘Excellent!’

Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 10 years
Date distilled: May 2010
Alcohol: 60.4%
USA allocation: 108 bottles

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