Cask No. 77.60  

A feather bed in a gentleman’s study

Highland, Northern

The nose had us rolling about on the grass (lemon balm and yellow roses not far away) – we also found apple chews, coconut macaroons and marzipan. On the palate we discovered lemon bon-bons, butterscotch, caramel apple granny cake and Raspberry Ruffle bars (dark chocolate, coconut, raspberry). The reduced nose became as easy as a feather bed – toasted almonds, nut brittle, Crunchie bars, honey and rhubarb rock – all in a gentleman’s study (leather-bound books, pencil shavings, tobacco). The beautifully sweet palate had buttery vanilla toffee, iced caramels and chocolate, with a slight tingle of wood, nutmeg and cinnamon toast on the finish.

Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 10 years
Date distilled: April 2009
Alcohol: 59.6%
USA allocation: 72 bottles

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