Cask No. 66.186  

Bivouac breakfast

Highland, Eastern

In a secluded forest, the first rays of sunlight illuminated green moss and ferns as a hot iron griddle pan sizzled and hissed over a smoky campfire. From the pan came wondrous fast-busting aromas of crispy bacon and strips of fatty pork belly while wafts of peanut butter merged with charcoal and morning dew. Flavours then cascaded around dry roasted peanuts, smoked paprika and sweet liquorice before roasted vegetables complimented smoked ham. A dash of pure water introduced an entirely impure dimension as we stumbled across an old work shed with heavy leather welder's gloves, tins of engine oil and a mechanics overalls. Smoke from the campfire was still thick in the air but now fused with pecan pie and Lapsang souchong tea.

Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 11 years
Date distilled: November 2008
Alcohol: 58.1%
USA allocation: 120 bottles

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