Cask No. 4.217


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Oily & Coastal


Oily & coastal

Cask No. 4.217    

Nordic nosh

Highland, Island    

We felt like filling our plate from the buffet at a garden party.  Whilst some got smoked mackerel salad with beetroot, sweet potato and horseradish seasoned with red wine vinaigrette, others enjoyed sweet cured marinated herring and new potato salad with sour cream. The main course was sweet and slightly ashy, barbequed succulent herbal sausages, Swedish meatballs, dry-cured smoked ham and summertime sweet pickles. With water, the vegetarian option, grilled glazed kebab skewers with courgette, aubergine, cherry tomatoes and pepper in a honey mustard oil dressing and in the finish, slightly burnt with a hint of ash, marshmallows.

Drinking tip: At a garden barbeque party

Colour: Apricot blush
Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 19 years
Date distilled: November 1995
Alcohol: 53.9%
USA allocation: 60 bottles