Sweet, Fruity & Mellow

Cask No. 25.70

In a perfumed garden


The nose (true to the distillery name) took us to a perfumed garden on a sunny day – herbs, roses, blossoms – delicate and gentle – someone was handing out fruit jelly sweets and someone somewhere was smoking a cigar. The palate also evoked gardens – sophisticated afternoon tea-parties, with Lady Grey tea, oranges, walnuts, cinnamon toast, tropical fruits and milk chocolate on offer. With water, the nose turned more masculine again – fresh tobacco leaf, dry oak, eucalyptus, tangy citrus and Ruffle bars (dark chocolate, coconut and raspberry). On the reduced palate medicinal notes, oak and spice underpinned the pomegranate, physalis, cranberry and Torrontés wine.


Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 26 years
Date distilled: November 1990
Alcohol: 58.3%
USA allocation: 51 bottles

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