Cask No. 138.17

All the good things


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  • Flavour Profile:
  • Age:
    4 years
  • Region:
  • Cask:
    First-fill barrel
  • ABV:
  • VOL:


Curious aromas of lemon curd and cinnamon merged with liquorice and star anise, while tree bark was ground down to make brown paper envelopes. The palate was a tangy affair, combining sour apple sweets and lime with fresh chillies and cloves before toffee and vanilla mixed with liquorice root. Adding water released fragrant wood smoke and suggestions of medicinal cream by the seaside, with maple syrup on smoky bacon and singed currants on charcoal. Flavours now embraced toasted coconut on lemon meringue pie before the maritime character delivered salty seaweed, fresh langoustines and a smouldering bonfire on the beach.

USA allocation: 72 bottles