Spring Whisky Kitchen


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  • Age:
    7 years, 10 years, 12 years, 11 years, 8 years
  • Region:
    Speyside: Lossie, Findhorn, Deveron, Lossie, Spey
  • Cask:
    First-fill barrel, Refill hogshead, Refill hogshead, New oak hogshead, Second-fill Oloroso butt


The Spring Whisky Kitchen invites members to explore and experiment with whisky and food pairing! This quintet may be spaced out into an “all night long” tasting menu of five courses or, perhaps more interesting, tasting different whiskies side by side with the same course. But first, let’s warm palates up for the exploration with Cask 71.66 Farmyard feedback loop. The brioche-like appeal of the whisky reminds some panellists of a Blanc de Blancs Champagne. Let’s awaken our taste buds with this whisky and also pair it with cauliflower soup garnished with truffle oil and scallion. Some cream in the recipe will make for a nice pair with this crisp and herbaceous malt. Stuffed mushrooms or white asparagus and cream sauce are other delicious options. Cask 55.57 Digging up ginger and Cask 6.32 Knickerbockers at a wedding should play very well together – the former with an elegant fruitiness and the latter with richly malty character. Perhaps a duo of curries…green for Cask 55.57 and red for Cask 6.32? A spiced breast of duck with roasted squash will set the stage for a delightful juxtaposition here. Dessert will be accompanied by two luscious malts – one from ex-Bourbon wood and one from ex-Sherry wood. Cask 72.79 Chocolate bourbons showcases an already robust make that spent time in a heavily charred cask. The result is confectionary bliss that will pair perfectly with bramble tarts or chocolate dishes alike. Cask 44.116 Pirate ships in a storm will make a hedonistic finish to the meal. Break out the toffee pudding and banoffee pie for this sherry bomb and then sink into a chair for the remainder of the evening!


Cask No. 71.66 - Farmyard feedback loop
Date distilled: September 2011
Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 7 years
Alcohol: 58.4%
Region: Speyside Lossie

Cask No. 55.57 - Digging up ginger
Date distilled: September 2008
Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 10 years
Alcohol: 58.4%
Region: Speyside Findhorn

Cask No. 6.32 - Knickerbockers at a wedding
Date distilled: August 2006
Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 12 years
Alcohol: 58.6%
Region: Speyside Deveron

Cask No. 72.79 - Chocolate Bourbons
Date distilled: July 2007
Cask: New oak hogshead, heavy char #4+
Age: 11 years
Alcohol: 58.9%
Region: Speyside Lossie

Cask No. 44.116 - Pirate ship in a storm
Date distilled: April 2011
Cask: Second-fill Oloroso butt
Age: 8 years
Alcohol: 68.2%
Region: Speyside Spey