Out of this World


Sold Out

  • Flavour Profile:
    Juicy Oak & Vanilla, Lightly Peated, Spicy & Sweet, Sweet Fruity & Mellow
  • Age:
    13 years, 12 years, 12 years, 7 years
  • Region:
    Speyside, Speyside, Speyside, Campbeltown
  • Cask:
    Refill hogshead, First-fill barrel, First-fill barrel, First-fill barrel


The Out of this World bundle highlights four casks that will have palates leaping light years ahead! We start with Cask 39.195 Starch of the penguins that conjures memories of summer clothes on the line next to a garden of flowers and herbs. Cask 35.257 Eau to joy welcomes a dram with more bravado, a ‘lush and suggestively sweet’ profile with loads of tropical fruits for a bright summer tipple. Now turn to decadent confection with Cask 41.129 Kicked in the coconuts – vanilla, crème caramel, apricot tart and cabinet spices are just a few of the aromas and flavours you’ll garner out of this luscious single malt! Cask 93.137 As usual: unusual offers a provocative display of ‘Campbeltown muscle’ for coastal fans to fawn over. A touch of the medicinal smoke for Islay fans is complemented by savoury aromas and flavours to explore whilst the day turns to night. This stellar quartet will leave your senses starstruck!


Cask No. 39.195 - Starch of the penguins
Date distilled: July 2006
Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 13 years
Alcohol: 59.1%
Region: Speyside Lossie

Cask No. 35.257 - Eau to joy
Date distilled: November 2007
Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 12 years
Alcohol: 57.6%
Region: Speyside Lossie

Cask No. 41.129 - Kicked in the coconuts
Date distilled: February 2007
Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 12 years
Alcohol: 60.3%
Region: Speyside Spey

Cask No. 93.137 - As usual: unusual
Date distilled: February 2012
Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 7 years
Alcohol: 59.7%
Region: Campbeltown