Cask No. R9.7

Patacones with pikliz


Have you ever had chestnut ice cream with chocolate Grand Marnier sauce – you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it - absolutely delicious!! And by the way, please help yourself to one of those luxury Belgium pralines. Sweet heat on the palate like the trade winds in the Caribbean as well as creamy like fresh coconut milk or nutmeg butter. Fresher citric notes initially on the nose with water before we imagined walking through an earthen floor warehouse and taking away a little from those greedy angels. On the palate we decided to serve it with patacones, the Panamanian version of plantains, and feel free to dress them up however you want. Pikliz, anybody?

Age: 15 Years
Date Distilled: February 2004
Cask Type: Second-fill barrel
Region: Panama
ABV: 62.0%
USA Allocation: 60 bottles

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