Cask No. CW1.3

Let’s bake


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  • Spirit:
    American Corn Whiskey
  • Age:
    12 years
  • Region:
    Kentucky, USA
  • Cask:
    New American oak charred barrel


Cask No. CW1.3

Let's bake

Kentucky, USA

Among a backdrop of fresh pine and cedar wood in a sawmill came soft and buttery sweetness that embraced toffee, fudge and butterscotch with coconut and plenty of vanilla custard. Baked pineapple arrived with a drizzle of golden syrup as malty aromas came from toasted sourdough bread, brioche and roasted peanuts. On the palate came peaches and caramel with cinnamon, nutmeg and apple crumble that dried on the finish to black tea tannins. Water unleashed fresh notes of eucalyptus and peppermint with white chocolate, toasted pumpkin seeds and baked apples stuffed with chestnuts. Custard returned with baked bananas to be joined by almonds, chocolate chip cookies and a beech wood syrup finish. This mash bill consisted of 80% corn, 8 % rye & 12% malted barley.

Cask: New American oak charred barrel
Age: 12 years
Date distilled: May 2009
Alcohol: 61.2%
USA allocation: 126 bottles

700mL bottle format