Cask No. B4.10

All things bright and bold


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  • Spirit:
  • Age:
    4 years
  • Region:
    Chicago, USA
  • Cask:
    New American oak charred barrel, char #3
  • ABV:
  • VOL:


About All things bright and bold: This is a dram in the vein of our “Deep, rich & dried fruits” flavour profile that sherry fans should take a close look at. Have a slice of tropical cheesecake as this explosive bourbon offers creamy texture, exotic fruits and loads of spices! 

Tasting Panel Note: Luscious creamy butter melted into walnut oil before trickling over Japanese plums and greengage fruit mixed into soft couscous. On the palate, satsumas and bananas blended into exotic fruit juice before cumin spice and a bitter finish of chocolate stout rounded off the flavours. Sweet digestive biscuits emerged with water, settling quickly into a cheesecake base topped with rich demerara sugar and served with a shot of pear eau de vie spirit in creamy porridge. The spices had now flourished into Szechuan peppers, cinnamon and nutmeg, balanced by a hint of aniseed and sticky orange blossom honey. 

USA allocation: 72 bottles