Cask No. 7.148


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Old & Dignified


Old & dignified

Cask No. 7.148   

Wicked Viscosity

Speyside, Lossie

Wonderfully rich and indulging aromas of hot chocolate cake with toffee sauce, chocolate bread and butter pudding and freshly brewed coffee made this a very stimulating and enticing experience right from the start. Thick, succulent and creamy were just some of the adjectives used when tasted neat; carrot cake with lemon peel, raspberry spice cake and warm apple pie with hot vanilla sauce – it was simply ‘Yummy’! A drop of water and the nose turned a little brighter, a little subtler, walking through blossoming orange trees in Seville and on the palate, wickedly viscous like coconut orange raspberry swirl muffins.

Drinking tip: Turn off and relax

Colour: Cherished gold
Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 26 years
Date distilled: June 1990
Alcohol: 61.0%
USA allocation: 96 bottles