Cask No. 66.204

The dalai farmer


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  • Flavour Profile:
  • Age:
    7 years
  • Region:
    Highland Eastern
  • Cask:
    First-fill barrel


Cask No. 66.204  

Felt roofing a spaceship

Highland, Eastern

The initial nose suggested fir wood, damp sheep wool, tarred hessian and engine oils. Hints of cured meats, lardons frazzling on a cast iron skillet and pickled ginger were also noted by the Panel. Reduction gave us more obvious medical aspects like mercurochrome and gauze, but also pickled onion juices, pasta water and coal embers. The palate was initially robust and smoky. Lots of farmyard heft, boiler smoke tinged with dry herbs, coal scuttles and hot wasabi. With water we found it got more tarry with TCP, dirty peat smoke, martini dregs and black olives in brine. Some greasy phenolics in the aftertaste.

Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 12 years
Date distilled: November 2008
Alcohol: 58.6%
USA allocation: 102 bottles