Cask No. 63.46

A walk in the park


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Sweet Fruity & Mellow
  • Age:
    10 years
  • Region:
    Speyside, Spey
  • Cask:
    Refill barrel


Sweet, Fruity & Mellow

Cask No. 63.46  

A walk in the park

Speyside, Spey

Bottle selected by world-renowned Scottish whisky expert and writer Charlie MacLean*

The nose starts off wonderfully sweet – Dolly Mixtures, nutty nougat, coconut confectionery and caramel apple granny cake – a complete enticement. The palate is a ‘sit up and pay attention’ experience – Soor Plooms, stewed apples and Refreshers entertain and linger in the mouth. The reduced nose is like being in the municipal park – flower gardens and football pitches – the goal-posts are freshly painted and the teams are being served oranges at half time. The palate is now full and satisfying – and exceedingly tasty – Liquorice Allsorts and Peshwari naan (sweet, buttery, coconut) – a real treat for the taste buds.

Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 10 years
Date distilled: December 2007
Alcohol: 59.4%
USA allocation: 90 bottles

*Charles MacLean is a whisky educator, lecturer, and writer who has published ten books on the subject of Scotch whisky. He has been with the Society since its outset in the early 80's, becoming chair of our tasting panel in 1992. To read more, on Charlie, click here.