Cask No. 3.270


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Oily & Coastal


Oily & coastal

Cask No. 3.270                           

Surf ‘n turf in a camel’s saddle bag


Well – an odd nose with odd combinations – ash, embers, treacle on leather, smouldering leaves, honey-coated kippers, toffee Pavlova, Fisherman’s Friends and camel saddle bags were all mentioned. Water brought campfire waffles and maple syrup, donuts and surf and turf savouriness to the mix. On the neat palate, we found barbecued prawns and lobster shells, treacle toffee, ginger cake, leather, prunes, cigars, dark rum, sherry and smoke – rich and slightly challenging for some. The reduced palate was still substantial – coke clinkers, sweet tobacco, marmalade, cinder toffee, yeasty rye bread and ‘fish pie on hob-nobs’. Sherry and smoke lovers will lap it up.

Drinking tip: To accompany any strange food combination.

Colour: Enigmatic brownie gold
Cask: Refill butt
Age: 18 years
Date distilled: September 1997
Alcohol: 55.8%
USA allocation: 120 bottles