Cask No. 12.47         

Cutting the cake

Speyside, Lossie

Thick wedges of marzipan arrived with the ripe fruits of mango, pineapple and peaches while sweet pears created floral character. The palate was clean, now with poached pears as an abundance of sweetness delivered icing sugar, custard powder and orange flavoured hard boiled sweets. Water simply enhanced the sugary sweetness as aromas of cake icing covered marzipan and apricot jam coated lemon drizzle cake. A warm and woody spice filled the mouth as chillies combined with tightly grained oak tannins. Fruity sweets returned, now of the lime variety before we enjoyed large slices of Battenberg cake along with caramel-coated brazil nuts.

Cask: Second-fill barrel
Age: 9 years
Date distilled: October 2010
Alcohol: 58.5%
USA allocation: 78 bottles

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