Baco Bienvenue


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  • Age:
    Vintage 2004, Vintage 1997
  • Region:
    Bas Armagnac
  • Cask:
    Armagnac Barrel


Hailing from Gascony's premiere growing region of Bas Armagnac in the southeast of France, Baco Bienvenue represent single variety expressions of Armagnac's most popular Baco grape! This unique experience invites us to compare and contrast how the same grape varietal can evolve aging over time and possess wildly different profiles. Cask A4.3 A slice of Gascony offers delicacy and nuance in the form of citrus, chocolate and delicate chili spice for easy sipping and enjoyment. Cask A5.3 Fully loaded sweet trolley represents a hedonistic example of aging over 20 years and we are left with a behemoth Armagnac redolent with leather, confection and bold, oaky spice. Both Armagnac casks offer a stark dichotomy to the styles possible in this storied region. Experience them both to learn about the hidden treasures of Armagnac!

ArmagnacCask No. A4.3 - A slice of Gascony
Classification: Vintage 2004
Cask: Armagnac barrel
Grape Variety: Baco
Alcohol: 47.3%
Region: Bas Armagnac

Armagnac Cask No. A5.3 - Fully loaded sweet trolley
Classification: Vintage 1997
Cask: Armagnac barrel
Grape Variety: Baco
Alcohol: 65.0%
Region: Bas Armagnac