Sip 'r Treat


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Juicy Oak & Vanilla, Spicy & Sweet, Sweet Fruity & Mellow
  • Age:
    15 years, 9 years, 11 years
  • Region:
  • Cask:
    Second-fill hogshead, First-fill barrel, First-fill Oloroso hogshead


Our Sip ‘r Treat bundle will make a great mid-Autumn tasting for any whisky-lover! Cask No. 55.70 Royal bouquet and Cask No. 35.307 Walk along the riverbank are a wonderful pair to start your Halloween whisky flight - whilst the former dotes more on chocolatey spices and the latter conveys a tropical creaminess, both remind us why the Speyside’s liquid landscape is so deliciously diverse. Cask No. 80.30 Wading through flavour completes our luscious lineup of bundled bottles with a mouth-coating malt matured in an Oloroso sherry cask. Flavours of sticky toffee pudding, chocolate mousse and rum raisin fudge will haunt your senses!

If ordered separately: Cask No. 55.70= $165; Cask No. 35.307= $115; Cask No. 80.30= $125. 


Cask No. 55.70 - Royal bouquet
Date distilled: August 2006
Cask: Second-fill hogshead
Age: 15 years
Alcohol: 57.7%
Region: Speyside Findhorn

Cask No. 35.307 - Walk along the riverbank
Date distilled: June 2012
Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 9 years
Alcohol: 60.1%
Region: Speyside Lossie

Cask No. 80.30 - Wading through flavour
Date distilled: March 2010
Cask: First-fill Oloroso hogshead
Age: 11 years
Alcohol: 58.6%
Region: Speyside Spey