January Hidden Gems from Scott Brunow


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Lightly Peated, Spicy & Sweet
  • Age:
    13 years, 5 years, 7 years
  • Region:
    Speyside, Texas, Highland
  • Cask:
    First-fill French oak Jamaican rum barrique, First-fill apple brandy barrique, First-fill Spanish oak Oloroso hogshead
  • ABV:
    59.1%, 65.3%, 61.3%
  • VOL:
    700mL, 700mL, 700mL


Welcome to 2024!  Here at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society we’ve rang in the New Year with a bang and currently have a mouthwatering selection of whiskies available on our website. While much of the States were hit with an arctic blast these past couple weeks, I’ve spent my time perusing our whiskies looking for Hidden Gems. I found these three Hidden Gems from Scotland and America that are available right now for you to explore and to expand your palate.

Kicking off the New Year with a 'Spicy and Sweet' 13-year-old Speyside with a final maturation in a Jamaican rum barrique. Look for those subtle rum influences in Cask No. 6.68 Complex funk as the rum barrique does not overpower the distillate’s true character. The nose is alive with strawberry shortcake, honeys, fresh bread and tree sap. The palate explodes with hot chocolate, spices, black chai tea, and an herbal essence. Water lets the rum influence start to show as slight tropical notes shine, apple, lime, Cheerios and a slight leather all push through as well.

Let’s journey on down to the State of Texas for Cask No. 140.10 Wild stallion. This extremely unique cask is a 5-year-old single malt from an apple brandy barrique and presented at a whopping 65.3% abv. The nose delights with root beer float, maraschino cherries, bitter chocolate, roasted corn, and new leather. First sip brings spicy chili, cinnamon, red Twizzlers, orchard fruit, and toffee. Adding water brings out sandalwood, dark fruits, and creamy corn in cinnamon applesauce. Don’t pass up this extraordinary and unique Texas Single Malt!

The third pick for January Hidden Gems is another very unique cask in which it comes from a newer distillery and was matured in an Oloroso butt.  The 'Lightly Peated' Cask No. 149.6 Recipe for success punches above its 7 years of age. The nose reveals the light peat, citrus sweetness, and fresh baked lemon tart.The palate bursts with a smoked skinny margarita, burnt orange, vanilla, and fresh lime. Adding water brings out burning barn wood, toasted honeys, and grilled citrus/tropical fruits. An excellent whisky from a promising distillery!

Be sure to pick one of these bottles or purchase all three in a bundle, and enjoy free ground shipping on all orders containing three (3) bottles or more!

Happy New Year!

If ordered separately: Cask No. 6.68= $155; Cask No. 140.10= $125; Cask No. 149.6= $155. 


Cask No. 6.68 - Complex funk
Date distilled: March 2009
Cask: First-fill French oak Jamaican rum barrique
Age: 13 years
Alcohol: 59.1%
Region: Speyside Deveron
700mL bottle format


Cask No. 140.10  - Wild stallion
Date distilled: June 2016
Cask: First-fill apple brandy barrique
Age: 5 years
Alcohol: 65.3%
Region: Texas
700mL bottle format


Cask No. 149.6 - Recipe for success
Date distilled: September 2015
Cask: First-fill Spanish oak Oloroso hogshead
Age: 7 years
Alcohol: 61.3%
Region: Highland Western
700mL bottle format