Cask No. G15.19

Shop on the beach


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Young & Spritely
  • Age:
    8 years
  • Region:
    Highland, Southern
  • Cask:
    First-fill barrel
  • ABV:
  • VOL:


Springtime, walking through the sea buckthorn tunnel to the beach in East Lothian, munching digestive biscuits – the sea breeze hits you on its way to the fields of green barley; that’s the nose. The palate combines lemon barley sugars and citric peel with custard creams, leaving a finish of ginger, cinnamon and cask char. A drop of water livens up the nose – opening a sweetie shop door to toffee, lemon bonbons and fizzy sherbet lemons – also freeze-dried strawberries and hazelnuts. The palate is now a sweet, creamy, nutty combination of condensed milk, halva, nougat, sesame seeds and sugared almonds.

USA allocation: 126 bottles