Cask No. A5.3

Fully loaded sweet trolley

Bas Armagnac

Deep rich and opulent, the very quintessence of a Gentleman’s club.  You settle comfortably into folds of warm leather armchairs, which mingle with wafts of cedar wood and tobacco, with crème brûlée being served.  The palate has subdued, quiet low tones where barley sugar discusses the baked custard with orange citrus fruit and toasty spice. The conversation fades very slowly as it resonates at length along polished oak corridors of flavour. From the Baco grape.

Classification: Vintage 1997
Region: Bas Armagnac
Cask Type: Armagnac barrel
Grape Variety: Baco
ABV: 65.0%
USA Allocation: 60 bottles

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