Cask No. 71.81  

His Satanic Majesty's sweetie emporium

Speyside, Lossie

We initially noted an abundance of sweeter aspects like American cream soda, cocoa nibs, white chocolate and vanilla custard. Then warmer and spicier tones of ginger biscuits, hessian cloth and pumpkinseed oil. Malted milkshake and butterscotch boiled sweets. With water, some lighter notes of crushed oatcakes and water biscuits emerged, along with baled hay, barley water, sun lotion and herb butter. The palate was full of cinnamon and aniseed sweets, also jellybeans, yellow flowers, white stone fruits, cola cubes and menthol tobacco. Reduction brought star fruit, kiwi, buttermilk icing, lemon barley water and zesty citrus. Some soft fudge and Battenberg cake in the aftertaste.  

Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 9 years
Date distilled: May 2011
Alcohol: 60.5%
USA allocation: 72 bottles

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