Cask No. 66.120  

Bacon butty

Highland, Eastern

The aroma neat was “just like a bacon butty”, a simple sandwich with cooked bacon in-between bread spread with butter and seasoned with ketchup. We added to that breakfast delicacy waffles with roasted rhubarb compote and caramelised onion relish. The taste was an explosion of sweet peat smoke and in our sandwich now was honey candied bacon using plenty of honey, brown sugar, cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. With water, we opened a bag of smoky bacon crisps whilst starting a barbeque on the beach and on the palate now, a little drier, less sweet with a smoky flinty character like a mouth-watering Pouilly-Fume wine.

Cask: Refill hogshead
Age:11 years
Date distilled: March 2006
Alcohol: 58.3%
USA allocation: 72 bottles

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