Cask No. 54.37


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Juicy Oak & Vanilla


Juicy, oak & vanilla

Cask No. 54.37            

A nippy sweetie!

Speyside, Spey

Superlicious sweet notes of peach, ripe apple and juicy pears sprinkled with icing sugar and topped with buttercream. The aromas of delicate cherry and apple blossom blended with freshly baked biscuits and warm balsa wood. The panel found the palate zingy with lemon zest, then tinned pears in syrup laced with chilli flakes and a dusting of cinnamon. Water opened up fresh apple and custard, lime basil and mandarin candle, mirabelle plum and wild flowers. Fresh pencil shavings and dusty chalk added depth with clean grapefruit giving in to fizzy sherbet and rich dark chocolate for a pleasing dry finish.

Drinking tip: For those cheeky wee whisky moments

Colour: Manzanilla gold
Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 9 years
Date distilled: April 2006
Alcohol: 61.5%
USA allocation: 72 bottles