Lightly peated

Cask No. 4.248                         

Emanating petrichor

Highland, Island

We were greeted with comforting scents of subtle peat, damp grains and petrichor. A walk around the farm on a drizzly and misty day. There was also a hint of seafood (fruits de mer). The taste was sweet and floral (heather and hard candy), the smoky element was now herbal and one panellist was reminded of old fashioned cough medicine. A few drops of water transported us to Orkney.  We were in a farmyard kitchen roasting carrots in honey, then breathing in sea air during a walk along the coast. A more rounded mouthfeel with water, with sweet cereal coming to the fore.

Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 13 years
Date distilled: January 2005
Alcohol: 58.2%
USA allocation: 66 bottles

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