Cask No. 26.210

Bish. Bash. Bosh!


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Sweet Fruity & Mellow
  • Age:
    10 years
  • Region:
    Highland, Northern
  • Cask:
    First-fill barrel
  • ABV:
  • VOL:


Cask No. 26.210  

A yum, fun and waxy one

Highland, Northern

The neat nose suggested citrus peels, pear cordial, aloe vera and bubblegum. Beyond that we also noted lemon verbena, thyme, mint tea and an exotic tang of mango salsa. Water brought scones slathered in butter, golden sultanas, hints of sweet noble rot dessert wines and then some mineral oil. The palate was classically dominated by sweet waxes, some nicely assertive peppery warmth, then notes of ink, cereals, olive oil and pineapple jam. Reduction brought sharper notes of green apple, waxed lemon rind, lychee and schnapps. A lovely muddle of the sharp, sweet and waxy.

Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 9 years
Date distilled: October 2012
Alcohol: 60.1%
USA allocation: 36 bottles
700mL bottle format