Cask No. 2.94


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Spicy & Sweet


Spicy & sweet

Cask No. 2.94                                      

A mean green genie!

Speyside, Spey

Let Aladdin transport you to a land of green pear, agave, gooseberries sprinkled with icing sugar and crystalised angelica. The magic carpet of hessian scented with lavender and orange oil. Whoosh - the taste is sharp and sweet with hot chilli, fresh ginger and caramelised oranges sprinkled with plump yellow raisins. An box of exotic wood bursting with hazelnuts opens and with water, yields peaches and cream, vanilla slice and custard creams. Our genie emerges with a bowlful of crushed meringue, strawberry and melon spritzed with orange zest. The finish is short and dry...was it all a dream?

Drinking tip: Drink quickly - it will disappear in a puff of smoke!

Colour: Polished lamp
Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 9 years
Date distilled: September 2006
Alcohol: 60.4%
USA allocation: 90 bottles