Cask No. 112.95

An aged classic


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Sweet Fruity & Mellow
  • Age:
    20 years
  • Region:
    Highland, Southern
  • Cask:
    First-fill hogshead
  • ABV:
  • VOL:


This is an exotic specimen, in the sense of unusual and interesting (in a good way!). Aromas of shea butter, macadamia nut extra virgin oil, chamois leather and an early ‘rancio’ scent defined by floral, nutty, dried fruits and spicy notes. On the palate neat like a dry Riesling wine from the Mosel aged in traditional 1,000 litre capacity barrels (Fuder) with flavours of peaches and apricots as well as crispy juicy green apples, fresh herbs and a delicate hint of spice. Water added lingonberries, damsons, white chocolate and brandy butter on the nose while a sip revealed the smooth and deep flavours of the ingredients of a Martini cocktail being aged in a one litre barrel for 3 weeks.


USA allocation: 90 bottles