Flavour Fantasy


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  • Age:
    13 years, 12 years, 11 years, 15 years
  • Region:
    Speyside Spey, Speyside Lossie, Speyside Deveron, Highland Island
  • Cask:
    First-fill American oak Pedro Ximenez hogshead, First-fill barrel, New oak hogshead - heavy toast/medium char, Refill Sherry butt


Flavour Fantasy provides an exceptional taste adventure that strikes a variety of delicious chords! Each cask is so unique that examining all four will provide a compelling and rewarding journey. Start with Cask 37.96 Cinnamon semolina pudding to invigorate the senses with fruity, floral complexity and decadent nuances throughout. Then move to Cask 7.184 Handbags and hookahs for a more tropical and spice-driven experience in a deeply textured delivery. Cask 58.20 Seriously scrumptious is aptly named with a cavalcade of divine confections and herbal tones. Finish your flavour fantasy with Cask 4.229 Volcanic Jam. Its nuance is matched only by its intrigue, presenting notes of flowers, fruits, herbs, berries and meats ensconced in heather-driven smoke. Spring in flavour with this very exciting quartet!


Spicy & sweetCask No. 37.96 - Cinnamon semolina pudding
Date distilled: November 2003
Cask: First-fill American oak Pedro Ximenez hogshead
Age: 13 years
Alcohol: 58.7%
Region: Speyside Spey

Spicy & dry Cask No. 7.184 - Handbags and hookahs
Date distilled: September 2004
Cask: Frist-fill barrel
Age: 12 years
Alcohol: 61.0%
Region: Speyside Lossie

Deep, rich & dried fruitsCask No. 58.20 - Seriously scrumptious
Date distilled: March 2006
Cask: New oak hogshead, heavy toast/medium char
Age: 11 years
Alcohol: 58.8%
Region: Speyside Deveron

Lightly peatedCask No. 4.229 - Volcanic Jam
Date distilled: August 2001
Cask: Refill butt
Age: 15 years
Alcohol: 60.3%
Region: Highland Island