Cask No. 53.351                         

Dr Reelgood


The confected sweetness of Turkish delight and juicy fruit jellies combined with liquorice and wood ash as we reeled in a catch of smoked fish, crab claws and foam shrimp sweets. Then on the palate came abundant sweetness with vanilla and brioche bread with soft berry fruits and charred prawns. The doctor arrived with water and brought hints of hospital wards and iodine along with seaweed, nettles and soft cream soda. Returning back to the fish nets we found fresh sea breeze and sea buckthorn berries with a mellow refrain that merged vanilla custard with flamed grapefruit and sweetly smoked mackerel.

Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 10 years
Date distilled: November 2009
Alcohol: 58.1%
USA allocation: 108 bottles

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