Cask No. 4.222


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  • Flavour Profile:
    Spicy & Sweet


Spicy & sweet

Cask No. 4.222       

Ginger and honey sweet tea

Highland, Island

A fresh, light and crisp nose at first; sitting on a pebble beach, the morning after the night before, with the salty sea breeze clearing heads and somewhere in the distance a camp fire being lit for breakfast. The taste is like a wakeup call; ginger tea with spiced caramel biscuits and heather honey on slightly burned toast. When we added some water sweet smoke emerged reminiscent of the scented candles from last night next to waxy lemons and Sicilian blood orange juice. On the palate now perfectly balanced between sweet honey, ashy wood char and a sea salt milk chocolate bar.

Drinking tip: Whilst walking the dog on the beach

Colour: Lemon gold
Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 16 years
Date distilled: October 1999
Alcohol: 56.2%
USA allocation: 84 bottles