Cask No. 108.18          

Pancetta roulette

Speyside, Spey

An abundance of salted peanuts, burning heather, evo-stik, frying pancetta, sweet peat, lemon barley water, smoky wort, German rauchbier and mutton. A big, hefty farmy quality dominates the whole thing. Hints of green chartreuse and lavender oil in the background. Water only magnifies these farmyard notes and brings out root beer, coal scuttles, BBQ char, smoky bacon crisps, game meats, baking soda and biltong. The palate is a big slick of engine oil, old tool boxes, new glove compartments, beechwood smoke, moor fires, raw peat, iodine and antiseptic. There's further wee touches of camphor, smoked beeswax and putty as well. With water there are lighter notes such as tarragon, smoked almonds, salted cashews, sardine oil, old rope, kippers, cough mixtures, buttered burned toast, charred lemon and lots of of leathery heat.

Cask: Second-fill barrel
Age: 7 years
Date distilled: November 2011
Alcohol: 63.8%
USA allocation: 90 bottles

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