Cask No. 10.177                         

The marriage of Candy and Sandy


Delicate notes of spring flowers paved the way with spearmint freshness towards sticky candyfloss and Danish pastries with custard. From there a sweet and savoury duality commenced as salted popcorn and roast chicken on a sandy beach jostled with pancakes with lemon and strawberries. Subtle spices brought rye bread with pink peppercorns and sugar coated fennel seeds whilst delightfully oily textures layered brazil nuts with asparagus fried in butter. Water brought forward more salty and citrusy notes followed by poppy seed coated bread. Then back came the sweetness as white chocolate fused with Black Forest gateau. Finally we found thin slices of parma ham wrapped around cereal bars and a touch of liquorice stick to finish.

Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 10 years
Date distilled: October 2008
Alcohol: 62.8%
USA allocation: 72 bottles

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